Friday, August 20, 2010

Creative + Media = Awesomeness

Every once in a while you come across a campaign that is just so right in every sense, this is one of them:

Lionsgate's coming out with a new crappy movie "the last exorcism", I think the movie execs knew that it was going to bomb at the box office, so they came up with the best solution ever -- put the most amazing marketing campaign behind it to drive excitement. I'm pretty sure that's the strategy that was stated in the RFP.

Anyways, where do we even begin?? There's so much crap out there in the ad/media industry that I get so excited when something good actually happens. Let's start with the creative. Everyone knows sex sells, this little trailer has got it. SOoooo simple! But I bet it took the creative shop lots of beer and long nights to come around to that. Moving on, media (much more exciting). This placement takes into account at least 3 different hot trends in media and churns out a perfect marriage of them:

1. online video
2. Social media/viral sharing/earned media vs. paid media
3. Branded and integrated content

Video is attracting more and more attention as an effective form of online advertising, blend this with a video populated with interesting content, as well as the natural inclination of users to share content online, and this is the result.

This campaign is a great media campaign, because it leverages the unique capability of the platform of chatroulette to further extend the creative messaging -- no other site can do this except for chatroulette. The planning behind this is exactly what I think we should really strive to answer as media strategists - what is unique about this specific site that we can utilize for our campaign? So many placements are thoughtlessly distributed, too many ROS units, too much clutter. This one really stands out.

Love this campaign.

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