Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hallmark going mobile

Hallmark, the card company, has announced that it's launching a line of mobile greeting cards. Yay Hallmark! I love seeing companies embrace technology, it gives them a new channel of revenue and it gives consumers more choices. It's a win win situation. I mean, if everyone just did everything the same old way and never took risks and never invested in anything new, then there'd be no progress and we'd all be pretty bored.

Mobile stuff is really interesting. I think it's the fact that it's so customizable and personal that makes it interesting. The question now becomes how to really target consumers through the mobile channel? There're so many reports out there stating top 10 ways to market through mobile, top 10 mistakes to avoid...but I still think that one can't just go by those. An iPhone user is pretty different from a Blackberry user, would the same kind of messaging work on both? I don't think research firm Gfk claims that ads work better on iPhones-- proof that marketers need to really evaluate and think about consumers in more specific terms than "mobile user". If marketers can tailor their communication strategy based on the person that's using the device, rather than the fact that the person is using a device, then marketers would have more success in reaching people.

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